#4 Carrie Taylor - Creating the 'New Normal' as The Only Female Coach in USA Men's Pro Soccer


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Carrie Taylor is no stranger to taking risk and breaking down walls so new things can emerge. She played on the first-ever women's soccer team for the University of Michigan to start her soccer career. Now she's coaching with US soccer legend Landon Donovan at the San Diego Loyal.
In this episode, she talks about the unlikely road that led her to coach with Donovan and about the importance of creating a professional team culture based on values and trust. She reveals top team values and talks about why they are such an integral part of building the foundation of this inaugural team. She also discusses how their deeply held values anchor everything about The San Diego Loyal, from the type of players they recruit to how they compete to how they serve. One of the most impacting ways they build trust is through, "Tell Us About Yourself Tuesday." She reveals the powerful reason this has been so successful.
Find out more about Carrie's amazing journey into professional sports and discover a few of her secrets that led to her success.

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