How to Use ACT and Sports Psychology in Sport with Dave Price


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Dave Price is the Trainee Sport and Exercise Psychologist for Portsmouth FC Academy in the UK. He blends an innovative approach called, ACT, to help athletes reach their highest potential and to achieve very best. ACT is a unique approach used by Sports Psychologists that stands for A (acceptance), C (comittment), and T (training).
ACT blends the practices of mindfulness, acceptance of thoughts and emotions and values-driven behavior into traditional behavioral change principles. When athletes aren't performing at their best, ACT directs them to look through the lenses of their values in order to clarify their goals. It's not about perfection or judgment, it's about continual progress in the right direction.
You will enjoy hearing a professional in the field discuss what he has seen work best in training athletes for the 'mental game,' as well as what they should do when they make mistakes and aren't performing at their best.
This was one of our favorite discussions that combined many principles of what we have discussed in The Heroic MIndset.
To reach Dr. Price:
Twitter: David_Price93

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