Dan Munro: There Is No Happy Life Without Honesty (HEx #44)


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"Are you the same with your best friend as you are with your boss and your mother and the stranger in the bus stop? Are you the same person in all those scenarios? Because if not, you are dishonest. And that's okay. Because, you wanna know who's definitely a dishonest person? Anyone who says that they're an honest person."

— Dan Munro

"Losing your job is nothing compared to losing your Self."

— Dan Munro

Today I sit down and chat with Dan Munro about his new book, The Naked Truth.

Dan has been on the podcast before where we went deep into Dan's own story with honesty and authenticity and the tactics he uses as a coach to turn people from socially anxious into socially bulletproof.

In this episode, we focus specifically on the toxic effects of being dishonest, and the blueprint you need to turn your life around and start being boldly... YOU.

In this discussion, we cover:

  • Essentialism and shiny object syndrome
  • Self deception and bias
  • The mixed messages from society on honesty
  • Dan's own story of how dishonesty hurt him
  • The various hidden types of lies
  • The link between shame and dishonesty
  • How to express authentically without harming people
  • The validation addiction detox
  • Why it's good to be disliked
  • Was murderer Chris Watts spurred by dishonesty?

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