144: Maia, Menat


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One who nourished the god. Tut’ankhamun never refers to his birth mother. And until 1996, historians had little idea of the person who raised this young pharaoh. That changed with the discovery of Maia, the royal menat (wet-nurse and teacher). The opening of her tomb, at Saqqara, dramatically expanded our understanding of Tut’ankhamun’s early life. Today, we dive deep into Maia’s career and place in society... Date: c. 1353 – 1340 BCE www.egyptianhistorypodcast.com. Music and "Maia" vocal performance by Ancient Lyric. Special music by Luke Chaos. Music by Keith Zizza. Music by Music by Jeffrey Goodman. See other shows from the Agora Podcast Network. Read Prof. Alain Zivie’s discussion of Maia and the princess Meritaten at Academia.edu. Logo and Banner images from Zivie, La Tombe de Maïa, 2009 (edited for clarity).

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