145: Restoration II, Faces of the Gods


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Living Images. King Tut’ankhamun is famous for the Restoration of traditional temples. But what did that involve? Records from the King’s reign give us insight to the practical business. We see the repairs of Karnak and Luxor Temples, royal decrees for new statues, and we meet the man who made the gods’ holy images… Date: c. 1336 BCE www.egyptianhistorypodcast.com, Music by Keith Zizza, Music by Ancient Lyric, Music by Jeffrey Goodman. Audio mixing/editing by Vincent Cavanagh. See other shows from the Agora Podcast Network. The History of Egypt Podcast endorses RA EGYPTIAN, the clean, natural skincare line with products derived from ancient Egyptian sources. Use the checkout code EGYPT to enjoy 30% off your order!

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