Herbalism & Climate Change: Fires


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This is #3 in our series on herbalism & climate change! Fires are most devastating where they occur, but the smoke and particulates they release into the air affects vast areas of space. So it’s good for all of us to be aware of the problem and have practical solutions to protect ourselves.

In addition to practical DIY methods for improving air quality in the home, herbs can be very helpful. Some of the herbal actions & specific herbs discussed in this episode include:

  • gentle herbs for steaming – chamomile, lavender, mint
  • demulcent herbs to protect mucous membranes and maintain hydration – marshmallow, mullein, linden, violet, fennel, licorice, pleurisy root, purslane, okra
  • expectorants to get mucous out of the lungs – mullein, horehound, hyssop, elecampane
  • respiratory relaxants for tense lungs & constricted airways – fennel, mullein, lobelia
  • nervine herbs to cope with the stress of fires – lobelia, blue vervain, linden, hawthorn, goldenrod
  • adaptogens for long-term stress resilience – codonopsis, jiaogulan, goji, reishi

Whether you’re in a fire path or affected by the drifting smoke & particulates already, or worried this is on the horizon, these herbs can help. But they’ll only be helpful if you have them on hand, prepared & ready to go – and know how to work with them! – when you need them. So planning, preparing, and learning ahead of time is critical.
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