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Hello and welcome to the latest episode of The HourTime Show, the official podcast of Victor and Nicholas are your hosts this week. Thank you for listening!

We open this week with a discussion of two watches that were just announced: the $49,000 Grand Seiko SLGA008 (aka the "tree ring dial") and the $895 Bulova MIL-SHIPS-W-2181. Neither of us are likely to afford the Grand Seiko any time soon—listen as we lament about not investing in bitcoin when we first heard about it *more than a decade ago*—but the Bulova is pretty handsome and fairly priced. As Victor points out, you could get a WMT watch and get the same "look" for about half the price, but sometimes you're OK with spending twice the amount to get a logo.

To follow up on the bitcoin tangent we get to in this part of the episode, it's somewhat difficult to determine what a bitcoin was worth in December 2009 when Victor read the white paper because there was almost literally zero people using it. The nearest I could find was this chart from BitcoinWiki which suggests that you could have purchased roughly 1,300 bitcoins for $1 in October 2009. There wasn't exactly a Coinbase back then so this is all somewhat academic; the point is that if you had somehow spent *any* amount of money on bitcoin in late 2009 and held onto it (big if, admittedly) you proooobably would have no problem buying a couple of Grand Seikos today.

By December 2010, when Nicholas had first heard about bitcoin, things were a little more established and it was worth roughly 30 cents per bitcoin. So, $100 invested in bitcoin on Dec. 31 2010 would have got you about 333 bitcoins, which is worth about $16 million today.

Anyway, back to watches.

We close this week's episode touching on a few more things, including the endless debate over big watches and last year's Tag Heuer Carrera Sport.

That about does it for this week. We extend our thanks once again to Andrew Haworth for producing.

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Have a great week!

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