Straying From His Working Class Roots


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Hello and welcome to yet another exciting edition of The HourTime Show, the official podcast of

Victor and Nicholas are your hosts this week, and they begin with a quick recap of last week's "what watch do you think of when you think of this car?" segment. Should we pivot and turn the podcast into a game show? Send us your thoughts at

Moving onto to watch stuff, Victor walks us through the watch that he's been wearing of late: the Charlie Paris Concordia. It's a diver with some Tudor vibes that Victor mostly likes, except for its dodgy crown. We then pivot to a chat about some of the new NTH watches that should be available this month. This is a brand we've talked about in the past, and it's one that we like a lot, so we're excited to see these in real life soon enough. And if Nicholas has any luck, he'll see his Valve Steam Deck in December!

We also briefly touch the recently announced--and now sold out--Super Mario edition Tag Heuer smartwatch, which sparks a wider discussion on smartwatches. This particular "collab" one gets a big meh from your hosts thus far, but we'll see what Tag and Nintendo have up in their sleeves in the future.

That about does it for this week. Once again, thank you to Andrew Haworth for producing.

Thank you for listening, and be sure to keep it locked to and @WristWatchReview on IG for more fun watch content.

Have a great week!

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