Infinite Inning 200: The 200th Right Downtown


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Cliff Corcoran, David Roth, Jesse Spector with a rare collective sighting as the starting rotation reflects on four years of episodes, 20-plus years of writing about baseball, managers who aged before our eyes, Javier Baez, and so much more. Plus tales of a manager making that one fatal mistake and Tris Speaker gets a heart.
Babe Ruth Doesn’t Quite End Two Careers with One Hit*Tris Speaker, His Mom, and Healing Old Wounds*Cliff Corcoran, David Roth, Jesse Spector: Lantern Flies in the Phillies Dugout*Keeping it Fresh*Baltimore Orioles Reggie Jackson is a Dirty Lie!*Red Sox, COVID, Stick to Sports*100,000 in the Stands*Rangers at Orioles; Please Help Us*The Lee Elia Rant*The Chris Davis Contract and After*The Mets vs. Their Own Prospects*Wilford Brimley Managers*The Time Steve Met Billy Martin*The Big Finish to the 2021 Season*The Javier Baez Conundrum*Steve Kemp Alert!*Goodbyes.
WARNING: This episode has a few more swear-words than usual. Please undertake evasive action if your battleship is easily dented.
The Infinite Inning is not only about baseball but a state of mind. Steven Goldman, rotating cohosts Jesse Spector, Cliff Corcoran, and David Roth, and occasional guests discuss the game’s present, past, and future with forays outside the foul lines to the culture at large. Expect stats, anecdotes, digressions, explorations of writing and fandom, and more Casey Stengel quotations than you thought possible. Along the way, they’ll try to solve the puzzle that is the Infinite Inning: How do you find the joy in life when you can’t get anybody out?

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