#153: Multi-bagger Potential in Solitron Devices $SODI; a recap of Entercom $ETM/$AUD and Northfield Precision $NFPC - Trey Henninger


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Today’s interview guest is Trey Henninger where we discuss the multi-bagger potential in Solitron Devices as well as do a recap on Entercom (now known as Audacy), and Northfield Precision.

You can listen to the former Northfield Precision podcast here, and the Entercom podcast episode, here.

Trey Henninger runs the blog and podcast, DIY Investing. Trey is a private value investor focused on microcap and dark stocks in the United States. His focus is on high-quality companies with predictable durable earnings where management has skin-in-the-game. Trey runs a concentrated portfolio. By focusing on small companies, Trey hopes to find overlooked compounders at value prices. His favorite opportunities have a market cap below $50 million.

Show Notes

[00:02:50] What is Solitron?

[00:03:42] "I interviewed the CEO on my podcast"

[00:04:29] This was at the time a $5 million market cap company. And they looked like they were going to earn something like half a million dollars to a million dollars ...

[00:05:58] "I think the best way to value the company is using an earnings analysis"

[00:09:27] Consistently profitable with strong moat

[00:12:52] Bought a new facility

[00:14:18] Company hitting an inflection point

[00:15:09] Recap on Entercom (ETM)

[00:17:29] Recap on Northfield Precision (NFPC)


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Disclosure: Eric Schleien and some SMA clients of Eric Schleien through GSCM own shares of SODI & NFPC. Nothing here is investment advice. Do your own due diligence.

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