#166: Eric Schleien Discussing BE Semiconductor Industries NV (BESIY) w/ Jason Rivera


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It's Eric Schleien back atcha with Episode #166 of The Intelligent Investing Podcast. Today I bring on Jason Rivera to discuss BE Semiconductor Industries NV (BESIY).


Jason found the company when they were a $640 million dollar market cap company. Since then, the stock is up ~10x. Not a bad return! When Jason found them, they were a pick and shovel play in the semiconductor industry. The company builds testing kits. They also build plastic casings for the actual semiconductor pieces. They're a necessary business for the semiconductor industry. Jason believes you can expect that trend rapidly grow because of the internet of things and 5G.

Jason found the stock by going one by one through the OTC markets database. There's around 20,000 companies listed there.

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