69: Sales Tree Strategy


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Sales & Networking – Free Video Training Series Video 2: Sales Tree Strategy The sales strategy tree is a fun visual exercise for selling. I am a visual person and since most of my clients are creatives, intuitive and spiritual they love this visual too. You will want to get a journal or I love using a drawing pad personally. I get mine on amazon or Michaels or most stores like target or Walmart should have something like this. I like a drawing pad because it gives me more room to work things out and is still small enough to travel with if on the go. On one page draw a tree. Each tree will be a representation for a type of client. You may only have one or you may have several. For today’s purpose, I am going to use an example for mine to offer you a guide. Coaches, authors/speakers, spiritual entrep. and we will do one for networking too. Side note for organization I track everything in excel – which is a training I offer but this visual is a great starting point to get clear and to revisit and reflect or expand on. Have a question or want to dive deeper? Connect with me here and explore our 2020 mastermind. https://youtu.be/K2HB89999pA

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