79: Donna Burke of FORME Studios talking about all the things...


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All things fitness, community and playing by your own rules...because as Donna says "tacos and wine aren't going anywhere." Donna is a bright light to so many people including me and it was a true honor to have her on the show to share her story and the "WHY" of her work in the world. This one is for all the ladies out there! May everyone know they are included, amazing and beautiful! AND join us for a Livestream class anywhere in the world! We hope to see you soon! www.formestudios.com www.instagram.com/formestudios Donna Burke is a fitness studio owner and trainer who believes in healthy, balanced living alongside non-toxic messaging around what it means to be in shape. Since YEAR, Burke’s FORME Studios in Atlanta has brought an inclusive, encouraging fitness environment with a variety of classes to hundreds of clients. Donna believes the fitness industry is broken. It has moved away from a focus on health and wellness into a superficially motivated industry telling women (and men) that nothing will ever be good enough. After a running injury in 2014 that left her spiraling into an unhealthy lifestyle and mental state, Donna made a commitment to fitness. After trying different workouts and studios and noting worrying behavior and mentalities throughout the exercise landscape, she decided to use her background in exercise science to create her own workout. Since starting her signature BarreFusion class, Donna has grown the FORME brand to include the Busy Babe Balance nutrition coaching program, Boss Babe Hours networking and career development events, and four new signature classes to create the most well-rounded fitness schedule possible for clients, with both mental and physical health as top priorities. Donna uses her brand and platform to change the fitness industry and bring body positivity and mental health to fitness. She is certified in group fitness, bootybarre, NASM certified personal trainer, NASM certified nutrition coach, and Oh! Baby pre/post-natal fitness. Donna has also used FORME to raise funds for Girls on the Run Atlanta, Lost N Found Youth Atlanta, and Education Cures.

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