89: Cord Cutting Meditation+ Ascended Healing Methodology


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Spring Equinox is here this week and the below is supportive to all that is present to help you navigate and also can be used as needed anytime. Please let us know if you have questions or comments. You can always dive deeper in our Collective group here: www.facebook.com/groups/LightLeaderCollective There is a sacred flow to life Spring gives us the perfect season and reminder that we are in our own rhythms and cycles of letting go, cutting cords and being reborn blooming our beautiful gardens. You are awakening to new layers of your light. The few weeks and days leading up to the shift in spring and equinox has had us out to sea somewhat in this Pisces energy. I know I have felt like I was floating and for weeks and doing some deep dives with cord cutting. I have recorded a cord cutting meditation and if you prefer to do it on your own, so it is more personalized and to dive deeper, I suggest the following below. Cord Cutting Meditation+ Ascended Healing Methodology Declaration: I cut and clear all cords, dissolve all roots, entanglements and attachments to (enter person name/any experience/a thought/etc.) through this life, all lives and through all layers and levels through all space time and dimensions since I (and if a person their name and any and all others involved) was born as a seed of light into creation. I flow unconditional love to myself, all others and through the whole world and Universe. And so it is done. *Know or Imagine that AA Michael or God/Source is recycling all of these energies with a blue or golden vortex of light you release back to pure love because all energy must be transmuted and recycled back to love. If it is helpful you can make a list of each of these areas of focus below. What to clear - Clear all relationships in this life. If it helps make a list of everyone by category of family, friends, lovers, relationships, or other social interactions where energy needs to be cleared. You never know how many imprints or entangled energies could be in your field. This process also sets others free, and we always are strengthening the bonds of unconditional love. - All experiences of trauma - All thoughts that are not generated from loving yourself or others - All memories where you feel dense emotions - All experiences where you felt or feel powerless - All collective experiences that feel painful for you (racism, poverty, environmentalism) - All sectors of life - Other things you think of to include Blessings for your rebirth and blooming beautiful souls! Jessica Valor

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