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If you're here and alive, you should live exuberantly. Your Ambassador of JOY, Barry Shore, is delighted to bring You the Master of Joint Ventures, Jay Fiset. You’ll learn as this bestselling author, student of human nature, and avid outdoorsman discusses in depth how to go upstream and downstream to grow your business exponentially. Jay is the recipient of the ClickFunnels’ Two Comma Club award. This is for a sales funnel that generates over $1 million in sales. Jay has built several 7-figure businesses and is creating a ground-breaking business relationship-building platform driven by Artificial Intelligence. He is dedicated to instigating a global movement of conscious creators and supporting people to organize their life and resources around their passions and gifts. You’ll appreciate it as Barry and Jay discuss their visions of creating a global movement of conscious creators to support people leveraging their passions and gifts.

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