Ainslie MacLeod on Past Lives, Spirit Guides + Discovering Your Destiny


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About Ainslie:

Ainslie MacLeod is an internationally acclaimed past-life psychic, spiritual teacher, and award-winning author of The Instruction, The Transformation, and most recently, The Old Soul’s Guidebook. Ainslie specializes in exploring past lives to reveal your life’s purpose and has been a featured guest on Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations Series. He lives on a tranquil island in the Pacific Northwest.

In this episode, you'll learn:

That your destiny is not a secret. You can look to what you’re drawn to as a way to understand your life purpose.

How our personalities can give us insight into what we should be doing with our lives.

About how all gifts and talents in this lifetime can be traced back to past lives where you developed that skill.

About the 10 soul types and how to determine which ones you have.

How to develop the skill of communicating with your spirit guides.

That ease, flow, and alignment are signs that you are following your life plan.

About past life fears and how you might be working through healing certain past life fears in this lifetime. (Ainslie’s books break down many common past life fears and you can see which ones you have by reading them).

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