Ep. 28 - Ted The Mechanic Pt. II & Nick Nittoli


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On This Week's Episode: - OH MY GOD, folks I CANNOT BELIEVE THIS! If you WILL it, THEY will come! Nick Nittoli is FINALLY on The Ken Traylor Show! This is the greatest thing that's ever happened to me! - Unfortunately as I'm about to call Nick Nittoli that moron Ted The Mechanic calls me & attempts to ruin this monumental episode. He also confirms that I did in fact ruin Charlotte Sparks' wedding. GREAT! I hate him but even he cannot ruin this incredible episode! - Finally we get to our phenomenal guest, the greatest guest this show has ever had & probably will ever will! Ladies & Germs: Writer, Producer, Singer, Rapper, Actor, Director, Editor, literally a man who truly does it all! Give it up for my main man: NICK NITTOLI, everybody! His BRAND NEW ALBUM: SELF UNTITLED is OUT NOW everywhere! ENJOY the show, KT Dawg Pounders because it doesn't get any better than this!

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