Ep. 30 - DJ Teddy Cruzer Pt. IV & Harry Larry Johnson (Gerry Celluloid Pt. III)


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On This Week's Episode: - Happy 30th Anniversary! That's 30th Episode Anniversary, not years. Welp, Chain leaves me a voicemail and it breaks my heart. He's also unfortunately at the Wrap Party for the "Last Vegas" porno rip-off w/ Robert Dong Niro. - Then DJ Teddy Cruzer, CALLS ME! That's right, he CALLED ME! Sadly, DJ Teddy's spirit is broken because he thought what he & Det. Rogers had was true love BUT Teddy had to found out the hard way that Det. Rogers cannot be trusted! DJ Teddy is currently in Mexico City looking to get back home to Lardeo, TX but Det. Rogers is hot on his tail! - We finally get to our guest which is suppose to be Harry Larry Johnson but I am rudely interrupted by an UNANNOUNCED VISIT from my arch nemeses, Gerry Celluloid! I am still upset he just showed up at my house and even more upset that he's our guest. Gerry brought over an entire list of his thoughts on 'most' of Robert Altman's "movieography". He claims I challenged him BUT I did not. He pronounces his name Robert ALLMAN too. Gerry is a dumb stinky turd. ENJOY, if you can?

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