Thyroid Nutrients


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The thyroid gland is responsible for regulating metabolism and is sometimes referred to as the ‘thermostat’ of our bodies. Even minor abnormalities in thyroid function can have far-reaching effects on every organ system. Thyroid diseases are prevalent worldwide and thyroid hormone replacement therapy is common. But many don’t realize that there are basic dietary nutrients that can have a huge impact and help optimize thyroid function.

In today’s episode, we recap thyroid physiology and discuss how nutrition underpins thyroid hormone synthesis and metabolism.

Today on The Lab Report:

  • 4:00 Recap of basic thyroid gland physiology
  • 7:45 Iodine and types of salt
  • 10:45 Selenium, selenoproteins, and orbital rings
  • 13:15 Everyone’s favorite cofactor - zinc
  • 14:45 Iron and heme-dependent enzymes
  • 16:10 Protein and amino acids
  • 17:30 Question of the Day:
    • Why does the NutrEval measure these nutrients in different matrices?

Additional Resources:

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