Chapter 6: A Pigeon Amongst Friends


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Maryanne and Eugene confronted Blubberton CEO Henry B. Lubbins! Almost officer Shaindel "Doubles" Blum was put in storage. Anjus is still kidnapped! It looks like Pirate Penny and The Blow Hole Gang hold all the cards! But it's time to shuffle the deck and deal a new hand!

The Land Whale Murders is a Roi Gold Production it was written by Jonathan A. Goldberg with music by Matt Roi Berger. It was directed by James Oliva with sound design and editing by Martin D. Fowler. Jordan Stillman is our production manager. for more information visit:

Warning: this podcast contains depictions of violence, adult situations, historical inaccuracies, slang, outdated ideas, well meaning but flawed people, inappropriate jokes, anachronisms, and overall piffle and humbug, listener discretion is advised

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