59. An Open Letter To My Past Self & Anyone Starting Their Entrepreneurship Journey


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Starting your own business can feel like you’re climbing a mountain. It’s stressful, overwhelming, but also unimaginably rewarding. If you’re ready for this incredible journey, all you have to do is begin and be brave enough to keep going. Because one day, you’ll wake up to find yourself winning the entrepreneurship game and realize that the effort was 100% worth it.

This episode is an open letter to not only my past self but to anyone in those beginning stages of starting their business. I’m giving raw, unfiltered advice that I wish I knew when I started my entrepreneurship journey and how it will help you as you create your own business. From having unshakeable faith that you will succeed to taking care of your body and your mind, these 14 pieces of advice are pure gold and will help you start, scale, and grow the business of your dreams.

In this episode, we cover…

  • How to stay connected and true to what you want
  • Why there is no real destination in entrepreneurship
  • How your thoughts and beliefs create your reality
  • Two mentalities you need to adopt to get what you want
  • Why you actually have to learn how to run a business

“You can't see now how it's all gonna play out. But if you show up every day, if you're consistent, if you get the right tools and resources, and you keep going -- you're going to be amazed. It's just there's so much goodness waiting for you.” - Amanda Kolbye

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