EP. 203- The Players of the Game


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Hey sister, on today’s episode:

Meet the players of the game (‘cause I want to see you win!)

What I’ve found to be a game changer is to SEE all the working pieces.

When I SEE all the working pieces, I’M ABLE TO TAKE MY POWER BACK in this whole dynamic and be the informed and intentional decision maker.

In this same way, I’m on a mission to help YOU take your power back, so that YOU can feel like the #BOSS, informed, intentional decision-maker.

YOU, and not kraft food engineers and their ‘bliss point’ formula ;)

YOU, and not the dopamine reward system of your brain.

If you’re ready to take back your power in this area of your life (like you already have in so many other areas!) I promise you, it really is possible and within your reach. LISTEN NOW

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