EP. 205- CAT COUNTING (Humor, Laughter & Play- it's significant role in your weight loss)


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Does trying to lose weight sound boring or even plain miserable?

Do you feel like when there’s too much going on ... trying to lose weight would just add to the stress, the overwhelm and the misery?

If so, trust me- I get it.

I used to feel the exact same way for a couple decades when I struggled with emotional eating and my weight.

Until I realized that actually... the way I would make my results permanent and sustainable would never be by adding to my stress levels, but instead by having more tools + a fresh new perspective in my life for how I dealt with challenges. Also, by shifting the way I was showing up to my life more willing to be playful, to laugh more, and more willing to have a good time, more of the time.

WHAT IF I told you that laughing more and playing more lead to better, more effective and more lasting/sustainable results...

Well, It’s true! The more you laugh and play, the LESS you struggle.

...And yes, I’ve got the data and literature to back up this claim ( as usual ;)

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