EP. 208- No Minute Wasted [How to ditch Regret]


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If you're someone who's struggled with your weight longer than you'd care to admit, or you've lost and gained weight more times than you'd care to count- this episode is for you. WOMEN EXPERIENCE A LOT OF REGRET when it comes to overeating and weight gain. However, feeling regretful will not get you any closer to your goals (it won't get you feeling any better about yourself either!) THE GOOD NEWS: there's a better, more UPGRADED way! In this episode, I share with you my personal approach for looking back at my 20 year-long weight struggle in a way that makes my life FEEL RICHER! (vs filled with regret). No matter where you are on your weight journey... No matter how close or far you are to your goals... This upgraded approach is available to you ALWAYS. LISTEN TO LEARN MORE. To lose your ‘last 10’ using my proven method JOIN THE LAST 10™ Program- GET ALL THE DETAILS HERE: www.brendalomeli.com/thelast10

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