EP. 209- Superwoman Badge [High-achievers, perfectionism and overeating]


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If you are a high achiever, perfectionist (or recovering perfectionist!) and you feel totally baffled by emotional eating habits that you just can't seem to kick to the curb...


I want you to know you're not alone. This is a common pattern experienced by millions of women around the world and it's completely changeable.

I've helped hundreds of incredible women upgrade this area of their lives from feeling like a looming unsolvable mystery to: simple and do-able.

I need you to know the women that have transformed and upleveled this area of their lives are NOT unicorns (and neither am I!).

I was once a high-achieving, perfectionist that emotionally ate EVERY NIGHT because I didn't know any other way to 'unwind' or 'feel better' or 'cope'.

Our brains are all wired the same way, so if I was able to decondition my deeply engrained late night emotional eating habits, so can you! I have NO DOUBT.


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