EP. 210- Non Binary Thinking (key to achieving & maintaining your results)


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If you know exactly what 'to do' to lose weight...but you end up sabotaging and/or you haven't been able to figure out:

HOW TO LOSE IT AND MAINTAIN IT in a way that feels sustainable...

This is evidence that your current mindset about your weight loss and your decision making about food is: BINARY.

In order to get off the lose-weight then gain-it merry-go-round, you're gonna have to shift to thinking about your weight loss (and decision making) to NON BINARY TERMS.

I'm committed to helping you elevate BOTH your results AND your experience in this area of your life-

LISTEN NOW to learn about the importance of shifting from 'binary thinking' to NON BINARY THINKING, plus HOW TO make this essential shift.

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