EP. 224- UNAPOLOGETIC DECISIONS [Unapologetic BODY Decisions]


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There's something about the way women are socialized that breeds so much of the 'struggle' experience with our bodies AND ALSO decisions about our bodies...

That 'something' is this: We are taught to value OTHER people's opinions MORE than our own.

eek. This programming that's been hardwired into many of our brains can be challenging to override, but it's absolutely possible. (...and I believe it's one million percent worth it! #freedom)

Overriding this single belief leads to being able to actually feel liberated, empowered and actually ENJOY your decisions and your results in this area of your life.

In this podcast episode I teach you the game-changing concepts of:


I teach you how you can develop these 3 skills and why they matter if you truly want to be DONE struggling.

THIS is the stuff that following a meal plan or food tracking app ALONE won’t teach you.

YOU are the boss of your body.

Your body is YOUR property.

YOU my friend, GET TO self govern.

This is the road to empowered results & 'weight struggle' freedom.


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