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Women will invest in just about ANYTHING (including new garage floors! *inside joke* listen to the episode to learn more ;) before they'll invest in THEMSELVES.

THIS matters.

THIS has a ripple effect in our lives.

& btw, it's no coincidence that this tends to be the default setting for women in our lives- as women we are socialized to put others needs, wants and desires ahead of our own.

In this episode, my client Jacki shares how making this one change (investing in herself!) had a ripple effect in her entire life.

There was no area of her life that didn't benefit from her finally deciding to invest in HER needs, wants and desires.

She didn't just lose the weight she wanted to lose, she empowered every area of her life.

Whether you decide to invest in yourself or not-

Check out this episode and be sure that you're making decision(s) about investing (or not investing) in things that matter for YOU, on purpose.

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