EP. 233- Rewiring Vacation Brain [VACATION OVEREATING]


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I LOVE TO TRAVEL. I love vacations.

...I mean, who doesn't right?!

Well, you'd think that was the case, but so many women feel nervous, worried, fearful, and mistrusting of themselves because they don't believe they have the ability to ENJOY a vacation without 'total sabotage', without 'blowing it.

[especially as the world re-opens post covid, and perhaps you haven't traveled in a while... ]

Some women don't even believe it's actually possible, but I'm here to tell you it is possible.

And also, I wanna tell you I get it.

Vacations and Travel for me used to be a guaranteed mental & emotional struggle, tons of sabotage, sooo much overeating and even ended up feeling physically sick and uncomfortable as a result of my 'F-it I'm on vacation' mentality.

So even though I've always loved traveling, this was always unwanted mental chatter that ultimately TOOK AWAY from my travel/vacation experiences.


You deserve to enjoy your vacations and your world travels:


When I travel now or have an upcoming vacation I can just be excited and ENJOY- because I have total peace. TOTAL TRUST. TOTAL CONFIDENCE.

(no more food worries. no more weight worries.)

I know this is what so many women are wanting (it's what I so desperately wanted!).

In this episode I teach you how to shift from 'F-it' vacation thinking, or Perfectionism and Fear (*which BTW- typically leads to more emotional eating) to BRAND NEW DIFFERENT APPROACH.

It's likely not what you're expecting.

It's changed my life.

(including my travel and my vacations!)

Give yourself the gift of TRUST, PEACE, CONNECTION & CONFIDENCE for your upcoming vacation and travels.


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