EP. 237- OWN YOUR 'ISH' [Package Deal Analogy]


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I recently got an email saying: ‘I've listened to several episodes of your podcast. Each episode is a welcome dose of wisdom, empathy, responsibility and empowerment. The concept of "making decisions" vs "following rules" was especially empowering to me. I like that you drain the drama out of weight loss, and boil it down to choice and consequence. You've somehow pulled together the body positivity stuff and coupled it with still being able to reach for goals. You are the first person I have ever listened to that holistically addresses all the things I want, and that gives me hope.'

And I gotta say, I totally agree with their observation.I believe this is MY super power. I've made my approach THIS way, by design.

It’s what I teach ON PURPOSE, because THIS is exactly what I also experienced was missing, and it's what I see missing for sooo many women- which perpetuates the weight struggle.

OWNING YOUR 'ISH' matters.

It matters because it's the very individual, adequately nuanced, AND ABSOLUTELY POWERFUL approach for decision making- that most weight loss and nutrition programs are NOT equipped to support diverse women (from all walks of life) in the complexities of....

The way I teach it, and the way we approach it is this one-of-a-kind nuanced and completely unique space of BOTH giving yourself permision you want what you want, YES, including losing weight.

AND ALSO paired with making yourself the head decision making and authority of HOW exactly it is that you do that; DE-CONDITIONING the beliefs of diet culture; and de-programming the all or nothing thinking of diet mentality because THAT is what creates so much emotional suffering and stuckness.

I went to this place with myself: A place of no judgement for decision making + OWNING MY 'ISH'.

In order to be able to arrive here: EMPOWERED & FREEDOM.


This matters my friends, because a lot of you are constantly 'low key' 'should-ing' yourselves and not actually letting yourself make YOUR deliberate decisions from a place of no judgement... where you make TRUE CHOICES- FOR YOU, FOR YOUR LIFE, FOR YOUR BODY, based on what you want, knowing exactly what works for you.

If you want to ARRIVE at a place, where you’re able to experience peace, freedom, confidence and TOTAL AGENCY in this area of your life... and you wanna stop feeling shame, inadequacy, or deprivation: YOUR NEW BASELINE, THE NEW HOME BASE THAT YOU BUILD ON AND MAKE DECISIONS FROM will need to be: no judgement.

Understand what works for YOU.

Decide THAT is what you want for YOU.


And, then (of course) OWN. THAT. ISH.


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