EP. 244- Favorite Things in 2021


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This week on the podcast I’m doing something I’ve never done- I’m sharing with you my TOP 4 FAVORITE THINGS IN 2021.

We’re talking… my current favorite supplements, products, and more! If you’re a product junkie (but even if you're not!) you’re not gonna wanna miss this one.

And of course, I’m not ‘just’ going to tell you about these products, I’ll also be integrating concepts on belief and mindset that will get you feeling empowered and able to get out of any ‘rut’.

Here’s some of the things I get into in this episode:

1. How to be the BEST kind of product junkie, knowing that products alone, in and of themselves will NOT be the ‘solution’ to a weight struggle. They are NOT the end-all-be-all. But! They sure can support your personal goals AND if you’ve addressed the sabotage and the limiting beliefs perpetuating any struggle… they sure can be fun!

2. How to address the fact that NOT ONLY are there differing opinions about supplements, products and yes, even nutrition and weight loss approaches… but in-fact, even opposing opinions and literature. One minute you’re hearing that vitamin ‘X’ is a waste of money, while the next morning you’re hearing on the morning news that it’s essential for a great life and optimal health (WTH!) No worries. I got you. There’s a SIMPLE process and solution.

3. How to stop being a perfectionist and stressing yourself the F-out about things... like supplements, expert recommendations, and on and on...

YES! I'll be including the links to my most favorite products n’ things of the year! (you can find the links in the episode show notes HERE).

But remember products and supplements themselves alone do not and can not create the kind of results and transformation you’re wanting; YOUR MINDSET, YOUR THOUGHTS, & YOUR BELIEFS are always what ultimately allow you to do so.

Make sure to tune in and listen to the mindset gems jam-packed in this episode.


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