Surgeon General: Biden to announce new COVID measures soon; Biden pushes infrastructure and climate agendas on first West Coast trip; Biden Admin to resettle 60,000 Afghans inside U.S. in coming weeks;


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New COVID cases slowly declining, deaths up 4% from last week; NYC starts vaccine mandate as schools reopen for 1 million kids; CDC director: Delta variant in kids is more transmissible & dangerous; Arkansas Gov: Biden’s mandate “hardens the resistance” to vaccines; NY hospital to stop delivering babies as staff quit over vaccine mandate; New CNN poll: growing support for vaccine requirements; CNN poll: most Americans want to keep mitigation efforts even after COVID cases drop; Former FDA head: vaccine mandates could “discourage” some vaccination; Fauci supports vaccine mandate for airline travel; Two outgoing FDA advisors say boosters are unnecessary for most;

Biden heads to California to support Newsom hours before race ends; Dems give final push to keep Newsom in office one day before recall;

Official: 8 U.S. bases become “small cities” to house Afghan refugees; Measles outbreak among Afghan refugees in U.S. pauses incoming flights; U.N.: Taliban increasingly violent towards protesters and journalists; Reuters: Taliban official says Afghan women shouldn’t work with men; More than $1B in aid pledged for Afghanistan at U.N. conference;

Law enforcement warns of potential violence during Sept. 18 rally; Pelosi: security plan for Saturday’s rally “seems much better”; U.S. Capitol police arrest man with bayonet & machete in his truck near DNC headquarters; Bush likens U.S. extremists to foreign terrorists in 9/11 speech;

Tropical Storm Nicolas hours away from Texas landfall; Tropical storm to bring torrential rain, flooding along Texas coat before moving over Louisiana;

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