Top health officials warn about “aggressive” Delta variant; More hospitals are requiring staff to get covid vaccine; McCarthy balks after Pelosi vetoes two of his picks for 1/6 committee; Chicago mayor sits down with CNN


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Biden health officials discussing changes to mask guidelines for fully vaccinated Americans; Growing number of towns reinstating mask mandates; Alabama Doctor: Seeing young people intubated due to covid “should be a gigantic wake up call”; Sources: Biden admin talking about revising mask guidance; White House insist guidance has not changed; CDC Director: Delta variant is more aggressive than previous covid strains; FL Gov: This state will not mandate masks in schools, children should not be “muzzled” by face masks; Biden admin give $100m to rural health clinics for vaccine outreach; Biden warns covid is becoming a pandemic of the unvaccinated; Sleepaway camp in New York says 31 campers under the age of 12 have tested positive for covid; Missouri, Florida & Texas make up 40% of new cases nationwide; 99% of covid patients are unvaccinated in Missouri; States lagging in vaccinations see spike in new covid cases; 90% of covid patients are unvaccinated in Missouri; Florida ranks #1 in nation for most ne daily covid cases; White House: One in five new covid cases in U.S. are in Florida; South FL doc frustrated by more unvaccinated patients in ICU; Pelosi: We won’t let GOP “antics” disrupt 1/6 committee; Sources: Pelosi considering GOP Rep. Kinzinger for 1/6 committee; Conservative group launches attack as likening Rep. Liz Cheney to Hillary Clinton; Nearly half of house republicans still refuse to divulge if they’re vaccinated; Chicago sees 3rd mass shooting in a 6-hour span; Chicago mayor on gun violence, police reform & critics; DOJ creates gun trafficking strike forces In 5 cities; New audio: Trump rambles about Jan. 6, says rioters were “loving”; New details about Trump’s disastrous last year in office; Opening ceremony director fired for past anti-Semitic remarks; At least 20 covid-positive athletes forced to drop out

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