486 - On Productivity: Chapter 2


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This week, Ari spent a couple of hours in a recording studio to record the audio for his newest book: On Productivity. Ari shares his experience and how he is happy with the result. Listen to a snippet of Ari's newest book!


  • Procrastination sucks - 1:27
  • Everybody deals with procrastination at some point - 1:35
  • What contributes to further procrastination? - 1:58
  • It’s necessary to be in the right mood - 2:34
  • Fear is on the top of the list of procrastination’s reasons - 2:54
  • With procrastination, you decided to do something - 4:05
  • Akrasia vs. Procrastination - 7:36
  • Something that you should not be doing - 8:00 Episode Resources
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