490 - Merv Symes - Value vs. Waste


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Thanks for being a long-time listener of this podcast! With the 500th episode coming up, I thought it would be cool to go back to some fan favorites. Today’s interview is with Merv Symes, who gives us some examples about Value vs. Waste.


  • Merv Symes’ background - 2:00
  • Deliver more value with less - 4:09
  • The most valuable asset a company has - 4:55
  • What’s valuable and what's not valuable - 6:23
  • Think on the problem to solve - 9:32
  • What’s a huge waste on companies - 14:20
  • Getting a leadership team - 18:27
  • Removing waste - 28:33
  • Pieces of advice to be more effective - 29:32
  • “Your body is your engine.” - 30:06

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