Four Favorites: Chvrches on The Exorcist, Wes Craven, Carrie and ’90s teens


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“You find a lot out about yourselves from watching films.” Lauren, Martin (aka Dok) and Iain from Chvrches talk about the horror movies that influenced their new album Screen Violence, why they dropped album hints on their Letterboxd profile, and their five (!) favorite films: The Exorcist (“you can still get people with that film”); A Nightmare on Elm Street; Scream; Carrie and Get Out. Plus, they tell hosts Gemma (Letterboxd editor-in-chief) and Slim (of 70mm podcast) about remixing John Carpenter, Lauren’s career as a multiplex employee, Kevin Williamson and ’90s teen supremacy, watching movies on tour, the secret etching on their new vinyl, the new Candyman, “The Wire effect”, and why He’s All That is all that.

The Letterboxd list of films mentioned in this episode; Video Nasties on Letterboxd; In Search of Darkness list; Artists Johnny Dombrowski and Jamie McKelvie; Robert Englund on Nickelodeon; Stephen King’s memoir On Writing; John Carpenter and Chvrches Remixes; Chvrches Letterboxd lists Hellbent on Revenge and Pull Me Into the Screen at the End; Billy Idol’s ‘Dancing with Myself’ video (directed by Tobe Hooper)

This episode was recorded in Los Angeles, Pennsylvania and Auckland, and edited by Slim. Facts by Jack. Booker: Linda Moulton. Theme: ‘Vampiros Dancoteque’ by Moniker. Transcript by Sophie Shin.

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