Four Favorites: Kate Hagen on cinematic sex, David Lynch and 80s vampire Westerns


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Cinematic-sex sleuth, Kate Hagen (director of community for The Black List) discusses her four favorites—Near Dark; Baby It’s You; Wild at Heart; and Morvern Callar—with hosts Gemma (Letterboxd editor-in-chief) and Slim (of 70mm podcast). Also: the genius of how Bigelow stages action; Verhoeven’s kink for unisex shower scenes; the unacceptable decline of sex scenes in American movies; an awkward conversation about David Lynch’s films; the worst movies with the best sex scenes; Oscar Isaac thirst; the rarity of male frontal nudity; why you should get a region-free Blu-ray player. And, Kate unpacks Hollywood’s “cult of perfection” and what that means for fat actresses on and off screen (her essay for Letterboxd is publishing soon).

The Letterboxd list of films mentioned in this episode; The Black List; Kate’s long-form sex essay for Playboy; Shudder on Letterboxd; Brendan’s review of Morvern Callar; Kate’s lists of Essential Erotic Thrillers; 365 Sex Scenes; three eggplant emojis (a companion to Slim’s man-ass list); and the Cinematic Canon for Fat Grrls; NWorbb’s list of Films in the Splatter-Cannibal She-Devil Vein.

This episode was recorded in Los Angeles, Pennsylvania and Auckland, and edited by Slim. Facts by Jack. Booker: Linda Moulton. Theme: ‘Vampiros Dancoteque’ by Moniker. Transcripts by Sophie Shin.

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