039: JP Newman on Making a Real Impact with Real Estate


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Today, I’m speaking with JP Newman. JP is the Founder and CEO of Thrive, FP — a relationship based private equity firm focusing on real estate projects that make a real impact. Their focus is on generating profit for investors, while also improving tenant communities for the greater good.

The way JP see’s it, when residents thrive, a property succeeds—and when a property succeeds, investors win.

Since 2009, JP and his partner (Adrian Lufschanowski) have done over a billion dollars in real estate transactions and have acquired more than 11,000 units.

Few businesses strive to create prosperity, but JP’s company is proof that it’s possible to invest with purpose and create wealth and success where everyone succeeds.

In our conversation, JP shares his story from quitting a lucrative career with SONY and his humble beginnings as an investor, to building a real estate empire focused on building community and doing social good.

You’ll also learn about the capital stack structure, important questions to ask a syndicator, and one of the most unique tax-advantaged deals I’ve ever heard of when it comes to multifamily real estate.

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