“All eating is emotional eating” with Laura Thomas PhD


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Hello! In this episode, I talk to the legendary Laura Thomas PhD. If you’re on the journey to eliminate diet culture from your life, chances are, you would’ve come across Laura and her BRILLIANT book Just Eat It. We chat about intuitive eating and spend some time busting some common myths and misconceptions through the questions you guys sent in, thank you! We emphasise, as ever, the importance of self-compassion, and we hope it gives you permission to be gentle with yourself.

You’ll find Laura on Instagram @laurathomasph and @bub.appetit

You can buy her book Just Eat It here: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Just-Eat-intuitive-eating-together/dp/1509893911

She discusses emotional eating on this podcast episode: http://www.laurathomasphd.co.uk/podcast/ep87-summer-shorts-stop-emotional-eating-faqs-w-laura-thomas-phd/

More information on her practice can be found here: www.londoncentreforintuitiveeating.co.uk

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