#78: Awaken Your Archangel Fire with Alexandra Wenman


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Want to learn about the archangels and their roles? In this interview with Alexandra Wenman, you’ll learn how to work with the archangels by working with their divine fire. By sharing about the archangels and their duties, as well as the correlation between archangels and chakras, Alexandra Wenman’s new archangel oracle cards provide a powerful system of spiritual transformation and ascension. www.georgelizos.com Angelic Channel ~ Alchemist ~ Author Devoted to normalising the conversation about spirituality and awakening, Alexandra Wenman brings the 'out there' in here with her down-to-earth approach to channelling higher wisdom, accessing our Akashic and soul records, recognising our true multidimensional nature and honouring our divinity. A gifted angel communicator, spiritual alchemist, clear channel, healer, poet and presenter, Alexandra has become a go-to expert and wise woman in a world that is waking up quicker than ever before. Previously editor of Prediction, the UK's longest-running holistic magazine, Alexandra is a trusted author, co-author and contributor. She has previously been published in 21 Rituals To Connect With Nature by Theresa Cheung (Watkins), and has written chapters for Jenny Smedley's A Year With The Angels (Hay House), Starting a Spiritual Business by Charlotte Anne Edwards (John Hunt) and Amazon bestselling anthology Thresholds – 75 stories of How Changing Your Perspective Can Change Your Life. When you order my book Lightworkers Gotta Work you'll get Life Purpose Bootcamp (valued at £197) – a two-hour workshop to finding and defining your life purpose – for FREE! Get it at www.georgelizos.com/lightwork RESOURCES MENTIONED: Alexandra's Website: https://www.alexandrawenman.com/ 'The Archangel Fire Oracle' card deck (Findhorn Press): https://www.amazon.co.uk/Archangel-Fire-Oracle-Alexandra-Wenman/dp/1644112787 'Archangel Diamond Flame Alchemy' workshops (monthly - an alchemical deep healing journey through each angel and their flames / qualities): https://www.alexandrawenman.com/Archangel-Diamond-Flame-Alchemy Lightworker and Empath regular healing and support circle (first Friday of every month): https://www.alexandrawenman.com/lightworkers-circle Alexandra's Instagram Handle: https://www.instagram.com/alexandracwenman/ Alexandra's Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/AlexandraWenmansPreciousWisdom FREE GUIDES TO GET STARTED: Life Purpose Workbook: www.georgelizos.com/lifepurpose Lightworker Survival Guide: www.georgelizos.com/lightworker-survival-guide CONNECT WITH GEORGE: Instagram: www.instagram.com/georgelizos Facebook Group: www.yourspiritualtoolkit.com Website: www.georgelizos.com YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMLcoCVRHZU407OXj24HH8g?sub_confirmation=1

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