128. The Power of Desperate Commitment


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If you want to move from DREAM to DO, chances are you will need to make a desperate commitment. By “desperate," I mean both:

  • A bold, daring, determined commitment
  • A “this has to work or else” kind of commitment

In this episode, we examine 5 powerful realities that happen in your life when you make a bold, determined, desperate commitment to move from DREAM to DO.

Purpose of this Episode

To empower you to move from DREAM to DO by understanding the power of making a desperate commitment.

Tips Shared in this Episode
  • Definition of a Desperate Commitment
    • A bold, daring, and determined commitment
    • A “this has to work or else” kind of commitment
  • The power of a Desperate Timeline
  • The power of Desperate Actions
  • The power of Desperate Focus
  • The power of Desperate Positivity
  • The power of Desperate Commitment
Call to Action

Where in your life do you want to move from DREAM to DO? How could you use the power of a desperate commitment to make that happen?

Links Mentioned in this Episode

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