Life is All About Sales - The Champions Institute with Emmeline Saavedra


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Emmeline grew up in the Philippines, and she always had dreams of making big accomplishments in life. More importantly, she has always taken action on her dreams, which led her to leave her family and friends to move to America.

Emmeline has always been in the business of helping people, and did so as a registered nurse when she first moved here. But soon she discovered the power of sales and how important it is in our everyday life, which is when she decided to start The Champions Institute.

Many people have a negative perception when it comes to sales, but Emmeline and her business are striving to change that. The principles they teach are all about connecting with people, understanding them, and helping them with what they need.

Tune in as Emmeline shares with us a wealth of knowledge on the importance of these topics, and how they're just as applicable in our every day life as they are for business owners!

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