135. Let's Talk Potty Training and Down Syndrome! (ft. Dr. Lina Patel, PsyD)


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Alright friends, you asked for it.. and now it’s time to talk about potty training! And who better to learn from than Dr. Lina Patel? (Psychologist, DS expert, and author of Potty Time for Kids with Down Syndrome: Lose the Diapers, Not Your Patience). She’s breaking it all down for us today.. because there’s more to potty training than we even realize (hint: medical challenges, cognition, language, and motivation)! We’re talking about when to NOT start potty training, why traditional techniques might not work for our kiddos, and of course- all the strategies to use when it’s time! Our #1 tip? Dr. Patel’s book!

Oh and if you’ve ever felt yourself stuck in some weird unspoken competition on who’s kid is potty trained first, so have we. So we’re chatting about that too!



Learn more about Dr. Lina Patel here.

Buy Potty Time for Kids with Down Syndrome: Lose the Diapers, Not Your Patience on Amazon.com or woodbinehouse.com

Check out this wooden stool and training toilet Micha is using for potty training her son, Ace.


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