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Stand-out Marketing: How to Differentiate Your Organization in a Sea of Sameness by Stacey Danheiser, Simon Kelly, and Paul Johnston

"How do we get customers to choose us over our competitors?"

In a crowded market, it's imperative to demonstrate that you understand what your customers value and can communicate how you can solve their problems better than the competition.

Stand-out Marketing presents original research that compares the content produced by organizations in a range of sectors which demonstrates that customers are left swimming in a "sea of sameness" by copycat marketing that makes choice difficult.

On the back of this unique and fascinating research, Stand-out Marketing sets out a framework of five competencies for business leaders, marketing, and sales professionals to successfully differentiate themselves from competitors.

These include seeing the next competitive move, staying in tune with your customers and becoming indispensable to them, activating and evaluating initiatives, as well as building an organizational culture that enables these competencies.

Featuring interviews with industry experts, tools, and exercises throughout, Stand-out Marketing is an essential resource to help companies stand out, deliver genuine value, and achieve competitive advantage.

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