Getting Paid for Results w/ Brita Long


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Today on the podcast Jim and Tyson sat down with Brita Long, the creator and founder of The Happier Attorney, LLC. For over 22 years Brita practiced law and saw how peoples lives, including other attorneys, were negatively affected by complexity, a lack of purpose and a miss match between what they said was important in their life vs what their behavior showed was important in their life. This is why she now teaches other attorneys how they too can identify and then reduce or eliminate the thought patterns, and behavior that is getting in their way and preventing them from living the life they truly want to live.

4:40 growth and burnout

8:00 real soul searching

14:14 flat fees

16:45 publishing fees

19:45 getting paid for results

22:54 underestimating time

24:15 set and monitor

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