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Today on the podcast Jim and Tyson joined Brian LaBovick. Brian is the CEO and Founder of LaBovick Law Group in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. Numbers wise they have 8 attorneys, 40 office staff, and offices in Florida and Massachusetts. Since 1991, the firm has won more than $400 Million for clients.

What most excites Brian these days is ‘Safety 4 Life Foundation’ – his foundation focused on improving youth’s safety regarding the road, the internet, the police, and human trafficking.

Brian also wrote a well-known book called ‘Not a Good Neighbor: A Lawyer's Guide to Beating Big Insurance by Settling Your Own Auto Accident Case’.

Jim’s Hack: Book: Subtract by Leidy Klotz

Brian’s Tip: TED Talk by Patrick Lencioni on Ideal Team Player or the Five Dysfunctions of Team. But Ideal Team Player is the one that I think people should use.

Tyson’s Tip: Finilize, a really cool productivity tool that takes in that concept that Jason Selk teaches where you pick your top number of things for the day. It reminds you via text. So, you get a text the night before. You enter your three things for the day. And then, it reminds you throughout the day, “Hey, how are you doing with your tasks?” If you're interested in it head to maxlawaccountability.com.

Watch the interview here.

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