A Vision Around Time Commitments w/ Heather Harmon Kennedy


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Today on the podcast Jim and Tyson sat down with Heather Harmon Kennedy. Heather is a recovering Las Vegas litigator who now runs a Pennsylvania law firm supporting small business owners in the hospitality & events industries. 6:30 starting a firm for the second time 7:55 only one choice 9:47 the hospitality industry 12:52 startup clients 15:30 joining the Guild during the pandemic 17:30 switching to a flat rate model 20:27 a vision around time commitment 21:20 a small team Heather’s Tip: Book Like A Boss, bought on App Sumo. Book Like A Boss is the first landing page builder optimized for bookings. Tyson’s Tip: Tyson just started the process of getting his pilot's license. It’s made him more motivated than he’s been in a long time. So if you have one thing you’ve been wanting to do for a long time, just get started! Watch the interview here: https://youtu.be/6N67YGKjCMg MaxLawCon tickets are on sale now! Join us Tuesday October 12th and Wednesday October 13th in St. Charles, MO at the Ameristar Casino, Resort + Spa. https://maximumlawyer.com/maxlawcon/

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