Do What You Do With Less Overhead w/ Curtis Kleem


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This week on the podcast Jim and Tyson chat with Curtis Kleem. After 17 years (13 years as a partner) at a respected small town firm, Curtis went out on his own in June, 2018. He continues to work in the same town, doing similar work (Adoptions, Family Law, and Personal Injury). He has built a busy solo practice which uses technology to assist with keeping all the plates spinning at once. He is married and has two adult daughters, two (almost adult) sons and the best looking grandson a man could hope for.

2:00 the longer you work for someone else the harder to leave

2:46 doing what you do with less overhead

7:47 capturing more of the market

8:18 new firm owner feelings

9:45 using technology to stand out

13:19 too busy to build out

16:15 envision growth in a smaller community

17:23 juggling working in and on the business

18:10 semi-retirement

19:40 stay where you are or go out on your own

Jim’s Hack: Recommends the book “How to Be a Great Boss” by Gino Wickman and Rene Boer

Curtis’s Tip: Office 365 has a free alternative to Loom for 15 minutes videos or less. Excel spreadsheet with a mail merge to draft a petition in 5 minutes.

Tyson’s Tip: Carve out time in your schedule to read.

Watch the interview here.

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