MaxLawCon 2021 Speaker Jordan Ostroff


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Introducing MaxLawCon 2021 Speaker Jordan Ostroff, of Jordan Law and Legal Ease Marketing.

Jordan Law was founded on a dream to do things a different way. To leverage the latest legal technology and systems to create a client-focused practice. Jordan Law started in 2015 with just Jordan in a small office and has since grown to a multi attorney firm with its own building taking cases throughout Central Florida. Jordan believes that high seas raise all boats and to this day gets over 90% of their cases from referrals from other lawyers, doctors, financial professionals, and especially current and former clients.

LegalEase was born out of frustration and a desperate need to help law firms succeed. You know that moment where you don’t see the light at the end of the tunnel and you’re ready to turn back? That’s their origin story. From there, attorney and LegalEase President Jordan Ostroff developed the concept of a marketing agency that would be for lawyers by law experts who know what firms need and who cared about helping lawyers find long term success.

Join us in St. Charles, MO at the Ameristar Casino, Resort, and Spa to hear his presentation: 7 Essential Questions of Marketing

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