Opening Doors Through Visibility w/ Ifeoma Ibekwe


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This week on the podcast Jim and Tyson chat with Ifeoma Ibekwe of Ibekwe Law, PLLC, a wills and trusts firm in Austin, Texas.

Iffy Ibekwe is an estate planning attorney evangelist for intergenerational wealth transfer and legacy building with effective wills and trusts. She activates intentional women so they can take agency over their lives and build impactful legacies.

As a Black businesswoman and attorney, she is not your garden-variety estate planning attorney. She wishes to provide services to those who her area of the law has historically ignored. Being a unicorn does not mean she only serves people of color and/or women, but it does mean she actively seeks to serve this demographic.

4:08 test piloting a new career

6:02 serving those who have been ignored

8:41 activating intentional women

10:50 the importance of rest

16:30 market shamelessly

19:20 visibility

21:26 use the resources around you

Jim’s Hack: Have fun when you’re making your content!

Ifeoma’s Tip: Block schedule to protect your time. And challenge yourself to schedule in time off.

Tyson’s Tip: Tyson has switched from Slack to Cliq, and he much prefers it.

Watch the interview here.

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